Set the stage

There are many different ceremony and reception locations within the Hacienda. They can all be customized to create the perfect setting for your wedding.

We Can Help

We understand that there are a lot of moving parts that can go into planning a wedding. Let our event coordinators help secure catering, florists, photographers, and more so you can enjoy this special time.

Gather Your Friends and Family

Although we are a boutique hotel, we can still accommodate your family and closest friends by renting all 11 rooms. We can offer a private stay to where you and your guests can enjoy the Hacienda and all of it’s amenities privately.

Enjoy Your Special Day

With the help of our coordinators and the serenity of the Hacienda, you can focus on the most important part of your day: enjoying it.

And When It All Comes Together...

In Hacienda Cerritos we’d love to hear from you! Please fill out the form below or send a detailed note directly to [email protected]

How do you envision your celebration?

We would love to hear as much detail about your day as possible!

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